With the escalation of war in Sri Lanka during the period from 1990-1998 resulting in loss of life and limb of the members of the Armed Forces the need for the establishment of a service to provide support for the families became a demand. Rising to the occasion to meet this demand ARFRO (Armed Forces Retired Flag Ranking Officers) started the Ranaviru Family Counselling Services (RFCS) in 1997 as a field project

Ranaviru Family Counselling services functioned under the capable leadership of late AVM H Goonetilaka, from 1997 to 2004 who was the founder chairman. Brig GD Fernando and AVM KGA Peiris functioned as the Chairman of the RFCS from 2004 to 2006 and Late AVM H Goonatilaka functioned as Chairman again from 2006 – 2007. Maj Gen Dr KDP Perera took over the reins in 2007

With the range of activities of the organization becoming more diversified and extending beyond counseling, the name of RFCS was changed not once but twice from Ranaviru Counselling Services to Ranaviru Family Support Services (RFSS) in 2005 and to Ranaviru Family Counselling and Support Services (RFCSS) by a council decision of AFRO in June 2008.

A separate website under War widows Sri Lanka was thought of purely to make patriotic men and women all over the globe aware of the need for support in which ever they could, for the activities conducted by the Ranaviru Family Counselling & Support Services. (RFCSS)

RFCSS Project Report 2018 - (pdf)

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Ranaviru Family Counseling Services (RFCS) was started in 1997 as a field project of ARFRO .a need for such a project was seen by the ARFO with the escalation of war in sri lanka during the period Xfrom 1990-1998