52 volunteers were selected from different districts and trained as counselors. Training was conducted by the Psychiatric Association of Sri Lanka during weekends at the Army Holiday Resort at Wadduwa. Total expenditure for this training was met by sponsors/well-wishers. The trained Counselors carried out counseling for war widows and their children in their own districts.

2. Self Employment being the only feasible and viable alternative socioeconomically under the prevailing conditions in Sri Lanka following courses were conducted through different institutions and individuals in this regard to train the War Widows and their children on specific skills

i. Fabric & Pattern making 

ii. Juki Machine operation 

iii. Beauty Culture

iv. Bridal Dressing

v. Patchwork/Saree work

vi. Costume Jewellery

vii. Cake & Cookery

viii. Mushroom cultivation

ix. Sewing

x. Montessori Teaching (English/Sinhala)

xi. Computer

xii. English

3. A Montessori was established in January 2005 at Kosgama Ranaviru Village for children of war Widows with the funds raised by ARFRO. Initially there were 16 children admitted to the Montessori supervised by two qualified Montessori teachers. Arrangements were made to handover the management of this Montessori to the Army Seva Vanitha Unit in 2008.

4. Conducting of work shops to teach the finer points of financial control and management and the potential of self employment at district level in areas such as back yard cultivation and beauty culture to name a few

5. Discussions with Armed forces officials (Army, Navy Air Force) of respective Directorates. Welfare & Pay Section with regards to war widows entitlements and welfare facilities to children etc.

6. Counseling sessions mainly for the new members by Psychologists, Psychiatrist or trained counselors. Few of the war widows are trained one at least in each of the Districts to cope up with the immediate issues encountered following loss of their loved ones

7. Recreation facilities for the children of war widows

8 RFCSS (Ranawiru Family Counselling & Support Service) members (Army, Navy & Air Force) visited Polonnaruwa, on 5th and return on 6th November 2016. They visited ancient city and had the opportunity to see the ruins in the sacred city. Nearly Two hundred fifty war widows and children participated in the journey. They stayed the night in the Buddhist Marketing Employees Rest. Separate rooms were allocated to families. Lunch and dinner provided from Army on 5th, on a payment basis. On 6th the group proceeds to Somawathi Temple and offered Kappuruk puja. Breakfast and lunch provided from the Army. Transport for the journey arranged with the blessing of the three force commanders, Army provided four Air condition buses, Navy one bus and Air Force an A/C van for the senior officers, to travel.  The groups (Anuradhapura, Kurunagala, Kandy, Galle & Colombo) were very pleased with the arrangements and thank the organizers.

Historical Events Before 2004

Self Employment Project December 2006
Historical Events Before 2004
Wadduwa Holiday Resort - Workshop December 2007
Self Employment Project December 2006
Anuradhapura Comitee Meeting Feb 2008

RFCSS School - August 2008

Galle Two day Workshop in December 2008

Kurunagala Workshop - April 2009

Workshop at st Joshops College Anuradhapura - December 2009

Programme for the workshop on - August 2009

Kataragama Visit 2010

Kandy - new Year Celebrations - 2010

Colombo-EX-Service Aug 2011

Cookery Class 2011

Visit To Cdplc Ranaviru Families

Ranaviru Familys Visit To Colombo Port 23.12.2011

27th August 2011 Colombo

Scholorship Awarding Ceremoney

Abimansala 2015

RFCSS 2014 - Candle & e-basic training

Wadduwa April 2011

Water World Lanka 2015

Womwns Day Programme - March 2016

Visit to Polonnaruwa & Somawathi - November 2016

Workshop and Educational Tour